Dipak Patel

Dipak is a hardcore business professional, but within his heart he has a penchant for wildlife. Under his guidance and able leadership Siddhi Developers have earned preeminence in the real estate world.

His Journey to become a wildlife photographer was born out of his love and fascination for the wilderness at a young age. He has diligently self-taught himself the basics of the photography.While he has been a part of many photographic expeditions since his childhood, his most memorable one was at a Safari Camp in Botswana. Botswana is a country renowned for its flora and fauna. Here Dipak completely immersed himself in its wilderness for three weeks; an enterprise few are able to take. In these three weeks he had to fight with inclement weather, eat dry food for days, carry heavy equipments over backbreaking terrain and sit still for hours in a spot waiting for a perfect shot. All his efforts and hard work are clearly visible in these breathtaking images. His dedication has won him several accolades.

He can be a social butterfly in the city and sit silently for hours in a blind to wait for wildlife. Over the years He has become a real multi-tasker-do-it-all. He has perfected himself in the roles of a successful businessman, a wildlife photographer, a cricketer, a marathon runner, an advanced scuba diver and a loving family man.

He believes that perfection is possible with hard work, determination, and dedication and he extorts the same from his every picture.

So, let’s unfold one more year with his wonderful yearbook “The Wild & The Beautiful”. )

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